Heck-Pack Game Transporter

An easy way to avoid unwanted parsites and disease ( Ticks, Fleas, Mange) in your vehicle or around your pets while recovering Game or Foxes.

In its standard version, you can use the Heck-Pack transporter for most things that a hunter or outdoorsman can imagine. The basket can carry game, rubbish, petrol cans, lawn mowers, chainsaws and anything else that you might not want in the car for various reasons.

If you are carrying Game on the road it is a good idea to put a one-ton empty bulk bag over the whole thing with some bungee straps (good PR). Since the baskets are made in standard dimensions we have accessories to fill all sorts of different functions. Lighting kits, winches, plastic trays, aluminium trunks, quad adapters and a 45 degree drop down kit.

You can just buy the ball hitch clamp attachment on its own and make up your own carrier.

They come in three main sizes 800mm, 1000mm and 1200mm wide, all are 500mm front to back and 130mm depth.

Don’t want to get rabbit fleas, deer blood or smelly foxes in your vehicle… how about this game transporter.